Agricultural spreaders - the Haze Ag revolution

Decades of experience and development leads to outstanding performance

You’ll appreciate that like most major technological advances, the success of Haze Ag’s new generation spreaders hasn’t come overnight. Their unique features and vastly improved operation have come about from years of determined research, experimentation and innovation by the company’s founder and director, Richard Hazelton.

From frustration to success

Richard has had 40 years experience in the fertiliser spreading industry. This includes having owned and operated one of the largest contracting businesses in NSW, and conducting extensive live trials for lime application. Over time he discovered massive problems with existing spreaders and spinners on the market.

Frustrated, and appalled at the lack of research and development being put back into the industry by complacent manufacturers, he started to design and develop his own spreader. For 10 years he single-mindedly devoted himself to creating the low cost, highly efficient machine that the industry had for so long lacked.

In Richard Hazelton’s own words:

‘It’s taken 10 years to get the spreader where I want it, but I’m very happy with the final result. The beauty of it is you can spread everything from urea to chicken and feedlot manure – all the granulated products. No other spreader in the world has variable sized cones to affect the timing of the products as they are dispersed from the disc.

The unique hopper design also helps reduce the amount of product build up in the bins. And our spinner blades are designed from cast iron to create a negative pressure that draws the product onto the disc before it’s thrown out. This creates a controlled spread of around 50 metres with virtually no damage to the product – important when it comes to products like urea.’

Richard Hazelton was a runner-up in the Henty Machine of the Year Award with his Haze Ag fertiliser spreader.

Richard Hazelton was a runner-up in the Henty Machine of the Year Award with his Haze Ag fertiliser spreader. Image |

More design firsts…

  • The cleated belt is specially designed to be one metre wide
  • Discs and cones are constructed to work hand in hand with the cleated belt to efficiently disperse all your fertiliser products
  • Head pullies are rubber lagged, with 60mm bearings and shafts with heat shrunk collars - no welding around shafts
  • The innovative conveyor system has been shown to increase belt life
  • Low cost Haze Ag spreaders are also suitable for industrial applications such as road base and sand laying

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