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  • TF15 Gooseneck Fertiliser Spreader

    TF15 Gooseneck Spreader

    The TFT Spreader is available in 5m length only. It’s ideal if you’re spreading granulated products such as lime, chicken manure, feedlot waste and more.

    Frame manufactured with 75mm x 100mm x 6mm rectangular hollow sections (RHS).

    BPW axle with airbags and brakes

    Gooseneck design attaches to a D’Angelo turntable and pin or Bartlett ball.

    Chassis mounts on airbag suspension similar to that used in trucks and have a stabilizer bar to help prevent body roll on rough ground.

    Each time the bin is filled, air is released from the suspension, bringing the height of the tray down slightly for easier loading.

    Immediately upon starting the system is pressurized, reinflating the airbags to the pre-set level.  As the load empties and weight decreases, the pressure in the airbags adjusts to keep the spreader level.