TFL Trailing Fertiliser Spreader
TFL Trailing Spreader
May 31, 2017
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TFT Truck Mounted Spreader

This spreader is available in 3m, 3.5m, 4m and 5m lengths.

It can be easily mounted for truck use, and is ideal if you’re spreading granulated products such as lime, chicken manure, feedlot waste and more.

Gives you a controlled spread of up to 50 metres

You can use the same spinners for all products


  • Self-cleaning hopper
  • Haze Ag spinner blades, bolt on with variable sized cones
  • Variable rate technology, Haze Ag PWM valve block
  • One piece sidewalls
  • Superior laminated chassis strength
  • Adjustable upside down Vs
  • 1m wide cleated belt with polyurethane skirts
  • Rubber lagged drive pulley with heat shrunk collars

  • Heavy duty shaft mounted gearbox
  • Hydraulic front roller drive
  • Polyurethane self-cleaning tail pulley
  • Controlled spread of up to 50 metres
  • All products can be used with same spinners
  • Suitable for all granulated products including lime, chicken manure and feedlot waste
  • Maintenance less than half of a normal spreader
  • Easily mounted for truck use


  • Stainless steel or zinc primed powder coating
  • Heavy duty roll over tarp, 900 grade
  • Fitting of scales

Key Points

  • Easily mounted for truck use

Got questions?

If you’d like to discuss a custom spreader, or have questions about any of our spreaders, don’t hesitate to call us today on
+61 (0) 4 2864 2003. Or get in touch via our contact form.


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